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TUCSON is one of the poorest cities of its size in the country. Countless families have love ones sitting in pretrial detention at the Pima County Jail who will not be home for the holidays because they are too poor to post bond. The Tucson Second Chance Community Bail Fund (TSCCBF) just posted bond for a man whose release was delayed when Tucson City Court unexpectedly imposed an additional $500 bond on 3 misdemeanor charges. A man who had already spent 2 months in pretrial detention faced the prospect of spending more time in jail–perhaps through the holidays–because his family didn’t have  $500 to bail him out.  Thanks to the generosity of the TSCCBF donors, we were able to post the additional $500 Tucson City Court bond so he could go home.

HOWEVER, once a bond has been posted the funds are held by the Courts until the individual’s case is resolved; a process that generally takes months for a final disposition to be reached. Each time we post a bond, our bail reserves shrink a little more–while we wait for the bonds to be exonerated by the Courts. Our goal as a community bail fund is to maintain sufficient cash reserves to never have to turn away anyone eligible for bail assistance because we don’t have the funds.

THE HOLIDAY season is upon us and TSCCBF is asking the Tucson community to help us bring the men and women sitting in pretrial detention “home for the holidays” .  Our fundraising goal is $10,000—- so will you help us bring families together for the holidays?  You can make your tax deductible donation to the TSCCBF a one time gift  or a re-occuring monthly gift--give what you can.

AS ALWAYS, thank you Tucson for your support

70%-80% of those being incarcerated at the Pima County jail are there on pretrial status, meaning that they have not been convicted of a crime.